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Wide Plank Flooring



We have a large selection of native New England wood flooring for you to choose from.  We bring in logs to our sawmill cut them into boards, dry the lumber in our kiln, and then mill it into flooring.  We donít believe in strip flooring!Eighteen inch length boards are not flooring, they are scrap that we send out for samples.All of our floors are 100 percent wood floors.Depending on the species of flooring and the grade, we can mill floors up to 18 inches WIDE on our machines.


Wideboard Pine:

   Our flooring begins with carefully selected grades of Eastern White Pine.  We have access to high quality second growth timber.  This timber yields beautiful lumber and we choose only the best of these boards.  We put great pride and craftsmanship into the floors we produce, and every board we select represents that in our final product.


   Properly drying the lumber is very important to ensure a long lasting, stable floor.  The lumber is air dried prior to it being put into the kiln.  This process dries the boards much more slowly and produces flat, stress free lumber.



Knotty Pine

Our knotty grade includes boards with a wide variety of tight red knots and other natural characteristics.  Although this lumber may be heavily knotted, we do not allow any loose knots into the tally of our flooring.




Custom Pine

We recommend this grade for restoration work and other high end building projects.  Our custom grade is absolutely beautiful lumber and allows only a few well placed small knots per board.



Hardwood Flooring:

Clear Hardwood Flooring:  We offer wide plank flooring in traditional hardwoods for those projects that require a more formal look.  This wood is milled from top grade FAS clear lumber, and has been properly kiln dried to ensure minimal shrinkage.  All of our flooring is milled straight and flat for trouble free installation.

Character Grade Hardwood Flooring:  Our character grade floor offer the wide plank country look of pine, but it has the long lasting durability of a traditional hardwood floor.  Lumber for this grade is carefully chosen to include solid knots, mineral streaks, color variations, and other natural characteristics.  All of these characteristics make these floors extremely beautiful.




Character Ash



Clear Oak



Character Oak


Clear Cherry



Character Cherry



Clear Maple



Character Maple



ORDERING:Pricing is based on actual face tally of the flooring.  Only a installation waste factor of approximately 15 percent should be added.  Customers may pick up their orders or we can deliver locally for a minimum charge.  For long distance shipping, we carefully package your order and send it via common carrier.



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