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We scour the Northeast looking for Antique Footworn Flooring as well as material that is suitable to remill into beautiful flooring.  We have several species of Flooring to choose from, from a Vintage Chestnut Flooring sawn out of Antique Beams to Wide Plank Vintage Oak Flooring remilled from Barnboard to Antique Footworn Pine and Hemlock salvaged from old to be used again in a new setting.  







Antique Footworn Flooring:


Antique Footworn Flooring is the real McCoy.  Floorboards, worn smooth by a century or more of foot traffic, are carefully pried up from old buildings, tallied, and in some cases resquared and backplaned to be reused in a new application.  These Floors are exceptional and can make any room jump with a traditional home feel.




Antique Footworn Oak Flooring




Antique Footworn Pine Flooring



Gallery Plank Flooring







Reclaimed Vintage Flooring:



The color and patina of antique wood is one of its main attributes.  Even boards that were not originally flooring, like in a barn, have it.  We have salvaged these vintage boards, Kiln-dried them, and squared up and planed them to be installed as traditional floors.  These floors have beautiful “defects”, such as knots, cracks, and nail holes that when laid out in a room, add a charm that must be seen to get the full effect.



Vintage Reclaimed Hemlock Flooring




Vintage Reclaimed Oak Flooring Boards



Vintage Reclaimed Chestnut Flooring




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